A friend of mine posted on her facebook page yesterday:
Voted, Taxes in, Mom picked up at airport … I play ‘Adult’ well.

Upon reading that, my first thought was.. “Oh, crap!  I’ve been gallivanting long enough that I didn’t vote in the election, the accountant had to remind me that my taxes were due, and I’ve got a very important passenger to pick up at the airport today..   I really hope I’m enough of an adult to get one out of three right.”

I’m unbelievably excited (to say the least) about this trip to the airport though, so we should be all good! I’ll be picking up one incredibly cool chica who has taken a pretty big leap of faith and headed down here on a whim so we can see the Rolex Kentucky together..  You’ll see more of Christianne over the next week as we explore Kentucky and the Smoky Mountains!

With that all said, she’ll be here in less than 12 hours and I still have much to do..  More updating later..


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4 Responses to A special passenger..

  1. j says:

    No updates? What’s going on down there? No pix? It snowed here the other day, just saying for some inspiration. :> Take care


  2. Kali says:

    Miss you around here! Exciting to read of your shenanigans, as always.

    Also, I wish you’d left me your keys so I can check on the house/ use it as my personal workspace. :)

  3. Jordan says:

    Ha! I’ve just done one to cover you for the time being.. Having a blast down here Jay, and I appreciate the heads-up about the snow.. Maybe I won’t come back just-quite yet! :) Hope things are going well up there regardless and I’ll try to get some more posts whipped up for you shortly! (Also, I’ve been intending to give you a call, but you’re like three hours different and by the time Calgary hits noon, I’m well in to doing chores around here!) :)

  4. Jordan says:

    Miss Kali! Glad you’re enjoying the sparse read! I’ll drop you a note about the key. The neigbours have an extra for the time being and I think I’ve got a few dead/dying plants that need tending to.. :)