Just to fill you in a bit..

I’m Jordan Cartwright, and cavok.com has been a pet project since the year 2000.    Much has changed since the near-ending of the world and much  will change as we move toward the next end-of-the-world (Hollywood would have us believe it’s 2012, but who’s counting really?)

I’m a computer guy by trade, and a world traveler by heart.  To top it off, I have an all-consuming passion for photography (particularly industrial and post-industrial work).

After years of toiling in the northern Canadian climes, I formed Dromedary Photography and I have expanded to provide a wide range of photographic and new-media consulting services for environmentally and socially responsible clients in Western Canada and abroad.  I’ve since returned to the frozen north to enable me to further some personal projects, but I will again return to photography when the details are sorted..

This blog will eventually contain the archives of the original CAVOK.com (a beastly creation built in archaic ASP with content pulled from an access database), and will most likely contain more photography than anything as we progress past the year 2011.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for reading, and to than all of those who have encouraged me to keep posting over the years.  I hope the new incarnation of cavok will provide you with as much joy as it has given me to create the content!

Also, in case you’re wondering cavok does have significance.

Ceiling And Visibility OKay.

When I was learning to fly, CAVOK meant a day without clouds and a beautiful flight wherever I ended up. This grew in to a metaphor on the lifestlye I wanted to lead.  You see, blue skies and sunshine are always available, it’s just that sometimes they’re above the clouds. It’s always sunny above the clouds.

Thanks for reading!


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